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Russell Lookadoo is the President and Chief Strategist of HRchitecture, a consulting firm specializing in helping business leaders accomplish their goals by effectively using their teams. Russell brings three decades of experience designing and implementing performance management, motivational and rewards solutions that achieve business strategies in organizations ranging from a small manufacturer to the second largest bank in America.

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MasterMIND+ Groups

Business Owner Leadership Discussion Groups, HR Peer Groups, and Solopreneur Groups

Find out how Russell uses B.O.L.D. Groups, HR Peer Groups, and Solopreneur Peer Groups to share his knowledge cross-disciplinarily

positive impact on the bottom line

“It is my pleasure to recommend Russell Lookadoo and HRchitecture to your organization. Russell has assisted our company since 2005 and has provided many resources which have improved our overall HR functions. Russell has provided hiring assistance including pre-employment profiles and significantly improved our hiring procedures.  Previously we interviewed candidates hoping they would be a good fit for the job, now we are able to hire appropriate candidates who match the job description. I extremely value Russell’s input and coaching. He has been imperative to Integrated Solutions overall growth which has impacted our bottom line is a positive way.”


Teri Paulson, President Integrated Employer Solutions

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