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Valued Business Partner

“Russell has always been a valued business partner. He exhibits strong leadership skills, is a trusted advisor and delivers in a really quality way. I've worked with Russell on several compensation efforts and have always been impressed with his expertise and ability to provide invaluable insight.”


Kirk Bare, Senior Vice President Wachovia Bank

positive impact on the bottom line

“It is my pleasure to recommend Russell Lookadoo and HRchitecture to your organization. Russell has assisted our company since 2005 and has provided many resources which have improved our overall HR functions. Russell has provided hiring assistance including pre-employment profiles and significantly improved our hiring procedures.  Previously we interviewed candidates hoping they would be a good fit for the job, now we are able to hire appropriate candidates who match the job description. I extremely value Russell’s input and coaching. He has been imperative to Integrated Solutions overall growth which has impacted our bottom line is a positive way.”


Teri Paulson, President Integrated Employer Solutions

Pragmatic Approach

“I have known Russell for several years. He comes to you with a very pragmatic approach. He isn't afraid to challenge you...and this is exactly what small business owners need. Russell conducts business with the utmost Honesty & Integrity. If you need help in your business with Compensation programs, HR issues or just want a 3rd party to provide business advice, I would highly recommend Russell!” 


Tom Richter

President & CEO at JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems


to See Solutions

“Russell is an outstanding business coach, his ability to see through the problem to help any business owner come up with a solution is second to none. I would recommend Russell to any business owner that is looking for growth and inspiration in how to get to the next level of success.” 

Scott Nuttall

Owner, Puroclean Centennial CO

Strong Understanding of BusinEss

 “Russell is a top-notch HR professional. He brings a strong understanding of business process and practical requirements, and he combines that with an expansive world view. He is attuned to the critical role of human capital and understands how to deploy his skills to optimize people. Russell makes a big difference on any team, or any challenge. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Henry Doss, Senior Vice President, First Union Corporation

Helped us face tough issues 

“My partners and I have found great benefit in the time we have been associated with Russell. We feel that Russell being the facilitator of our off-site Strategic meeting was very beneficial. He not only kept us on track but helped us face and deal with some difficult personal issues that were hindering our team.”


Don Barker, Founder BHB Consulting Engineers

creative sounding board

“Russell has provided tools to help me implement my business plan. He has been a creative sounding board for ideas to strengthen the business management style and skills.”


Doug Clements, President MRS Hobby Shop

Intelligent analysis

“Russell is an intelligent analyzer and gifted presenter of data. He is helpful and a pleasure to communicate and work with.”

Larry Cooper, VP Distribution, Harris Teeter Supermarkets

Big Picture & Fine Details

"Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity Russell has a firm grasp of the BIG PICTURE! Russell is also great at digging deep into the fine details of a problem. Russell always provides honest, open and insightful advice. Russell is very accurate in his observation and recommendations on solutions for opportunities and problems. I highly recommend Russell for whatever HR or Business Development task that you may need help with.” 


Mitch Seehusen

CTO at Lightspeed Networking

Wonderfully entertaining Speaker

“Russell is a fabulous speaker and presenter. He is both extremely educational while at the same time wonderfully entertaining! He draws you into the experience. Definitely NOT the same 'ol same 'ol!”


Carrie Stone

Controller, Excel Mechanical, Inc.

Consummate Professional

Russell and I worked together on several large projects such as merger integration, modified compensation structures, and IT job architecture. I found Russell to be a consummate HR professional with great business acumen and people skills. He has a great ability to view issues and processes holistically and arrive at sound conclusions. He also has an excellent ability to execute on large, complex projects. I admire his abilities and intellect and I highly recommend him.”

Jes Schneider, Vice President Human Resources - Volvo Financial Services

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