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We believe that business owners (in particular small and medium sized business owners) work hard to make a difference in this world.  We also believe that business owners are not limited by their passion, ability or commitment They are limited by their capacity. HRchitecture will enable the business owners to accomplish their vision by enhancing the owner’s ability to lead others.


We serve business owners who are working hard to achieve their vision but need professional development and HR consulting in order to make it happen. We provide online and in-person consulting and professional development in the areas of leadership skills, strategic thinking, process & procedures. We also offer many solutions that fit the budget, time frame and needs of business owners.  We offer one on one sessions, mastermind groups and virtual HR support with no long-term contracts, and no large up-front expense. Our location is your location through video chat, phone, email, and in person.

  • Senior Professional in HR from Society of HR Management

  • Certified Compensation Professional from World at Work

  • Bachelors in Industrial Relations from Univ of North. Carolina

  • Recipient of Morehead-Cain Foundation Scholarship

  • 60 merger and acquisitions in banking industry

  • Co-lead international project team of 180,000 employees

  • Personal and consulting experience in Family Business


We enable business owners to make their dreams come true in a professional, efficient, simple, and hands on way. We are constantly researching thought provoking trends and disruptive changes in the HR and Professional Development world so that we can give our clients the most cutting-edge advice for their businesses.


Russell Lookadoo is the President and Chief Strategist of HRchitecture, a consulting firm specializing in helping business leaders accomplish their goals by effectively using their teams. Russell brings three decades of experience designing and implementing performance management, motivational and rewards solutions that achieve business strategies in organizations ranging from a small manufacturer to the second largest bank in America.

Russell is the only consultant in the area to combine this broad Human Resources background with a decade of practical business advising with small businesses. This unique combination allows Russell to work closely with business owners and key leaders to find solutions to their business challenges and align the vision of the owner with that of the company.

Growing up, Russell worked in the family business selling and repairing bicycles. This gives him first hand experience

with the challenges and rewards of small family business ownership. While in college Russell participated in a summer internship program that provided insight into many different organizations and cultures. In his career, Russell has consulted with top leaders in manufacturing companies, municipal government, banking and retail organizations.


He has implemented solutions that increased employee retention in the information systems arena, created improved career ladders for public safety professionals, enhanced job satisfaction for bank operations employees, and aligned management focus in the retail sector.

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