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Independence Day Entrepreneurs

Each Independence Day we like to reflect on the caliber and character of the founding fathers. It is important to remember that 237 years ago, 26 professionals, 20 business owners, 9 plantation owners, and a minister pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred Honor to create the freedom we have as Americans, and as entrepreneurs.

Freedom is the greatest compensation we have as business owners. However Freedom is earned with the currency of personal accountability, a concept the signers of the Declaration of Independence demonstrated with their personal signatures. Imagine this group of independent thinkers gathered together that hot summer to solve the most vexing problem of the day; what an amazing mastermind group! In addition to your family gatherings and firework watching I hope you celebrate this Independence Day by reflecting on your personal liberties and the opportunities created by this group of farmers, printers, scientists, lawyers, surveyors, doctors and merchants.

The All-Star Mastermind Group:

Thomas Jefferson, Plantation Owner John Adams, Lawyer Sam Adams, Merchant Benjamin Franklin, Printer Robert Morris, Land Speculator Benjamin Rush, Physician Robert Paine, Scientist George Washington, Surveyor

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